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TeleMatrix 9700 Handset Kit Hotel Phone

The simply elegant Telematrix 9700 Handset Kit, is sporting a newly developed micro-footprint design, making it ideal for spaces with limited surface area, designed to meet the latest styles and trends, interior designers and guests alike will appreciate the sleek, sophisticated body and eye catching color panel options.

If one of your phones gets damaged or you need chargers for one of the handsets, Telematrix have released a charging dock or spare headset with every new series. The charging docks can be sold with a USB port for devices on the side, and can also match the white or black of the base phone

Key Features:

  • USB Ports suitable for charging guest devices on the side of the base
  • Analogue and VoIP/SIP configurations
  • Customisable faceplates
  • 1 or 2 line options

Phone Features:

  • Matching cordless handset kit charging stations
  • Optional 2 side USB power port for device charging
  • Black or grey colour options

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Please note the TeleMatrix 9700 Handset Kit is not a standalone device and it requires a main base – TeleMatrix 9700 Hotel Phone

TeleMatric 9700
TeleMatrix 9700 Hotel Phone


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