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Uno Media 5 Trimline Phone

Bittel Uno Media 5 Trimline Phone

The Bittel UNOMedia 5 Trimline phone is specially designed for small spaces (i.e Bathrooms). UNOMedia 5 Trimline provides durability and dependability. Simply elegant, UNOMedia 5 Trimline fits in anywhere you need dependable performance and superior aesthetics.

Key features of the Uno Media 5 corded SIP alarm clock radio phone include:

  • Handset Receiver – Hearing aid compatibility
  • Flash Button – 600ms flash time by default; flash time can be set from 100 to 900 ms, or set at 1000ms
  • Redial Button — automatically redial the last dialled number. By default, the last dialled number disappears after 5 minutes to protect guests’ privacy. You can set whether the last dialled number shall disappear or not
  • ANALOGUE or VoIP/SIP technology options

Other features of note include:

  • VOL Button – three-level volume adjusting
  • Mute Button – In phone conversation, it can stop phone transmission on your side (with light indicator)
  • Message Waiting Light – indicator of ringing, voice message; high-voltage and Lucent light by default
  • Wall-mount or Desk-mount Optional

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