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GPO Retro 746 1970`s Style Rotary Dial Hotel Telephone

The GPO Retro 746 1970`s  style rotary dial hotel telephone is a dial phone that prides itself on its traditional and authentic look and feel with built-in modern technology. The 1970’s household loved the original version of the GPO 746 hotel phones. Its updated design perfectly echoes its no-nonsense, classic style.

Key features of the GPO Retro 746 1970`s style rotary dial hotel telephone include:

  • Authentic bell ring
  • Iconic British ‘70s styling and traditional rotary dialling

Other features of note include:

  • Ringer on / off switch
  • Compatible with any standard analogue landline
  • Compatible with modern telephone services such as ticket ordering, telephone information services and more
  • Available in Black, Blue, Bronze, Grey, Ivory, Mint Green, Mustard, Orange and Red.

Colour customisation or make to order ( subject to minimum order quantity) for larger hotel groups may be of interest. For more information on the GPO 746 rotary dial hotel telephone, please do not hesitate to contact us or use the product wishlist conformation form to ask any questions and select your colour preference.

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