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Bittel Neo Corded Hotel Speaker Phone

The Bittel Neo SIP corded hotel speaker phone can be connected to the patented MCC (Multi- Connector Charging Unit). This then allows guests to charge their multiple electronic devices without having to use or bring their own USB cables.

Key features of the Bittel Neo SIP corded hotel speaker phone include:

  • A ProGard internal keyboard designed by Bittel to offer greater reliability than conventional designs
  • The Neo can redial the last number dialed; the number dialed disappears within 5 minutes for guest privacy
  • ANALOGUE or VoIP/SIP technology options.
  • 1 line only on this device.

Some other features of note include:

  • Compliance with most SIP protocols and support for DHCP automatic allocation
  • Guest service buttons can be programmed manually or using Bittel’s “cloning” technology.
  • A full-length faceplate to promote the hotel’s logo and guest dialing instructions
  • A choice of 5 or 10 programmable guest service buttons to help the guest to quickly dial hotel amenities and services
  • The NEO is compatible with most major hotel telephone systems
  • Colour options include Black, Silver and Black and others upon request
  • The patented Multi-Connector Charging cable provides connectivity to Apple Lighting, Apple Legacy and other micro USB connectors and is sold separately

If you have any questions, please call or contact us today.

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