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SIP – TeleMatrix 9600 Handset KIT 1-Line Cordless Speaker Phone

The TeleMatrix 9600 SIP 1-line cordless speaker phone is compatible and has been certified with a number of leading hotel telephone switches and systems.

Key features of the TeleMatrix SIP 9600 Handset KIT 1-Line Cordless Speaker Phone include:

  • A choice of 0, 3, 5 or 10 guest service buttons to match your hotel`s guest services and amenities offering
  • Handset talk time of approximately 6 hours, more than long enough for the guest to participate in 2 or more conference calls during the day

Other features of note include:

  • DECT 1.8GHz or 19.GHZ and DCT 2.4 GHz frequency options for your cordless phones
  • An option to customise using 1 of 7 standard colour choices to contrast the ash or black telephone and match your room decor
  • „„„„„LED indication for hold, speaker and mute buttons
  • A useful battery charging indicator light on the base and multi-station to help the guest know his handset is charging
  • A choice of black or ash telephone colours

For more information please see the attached product sheet and do not hesitate to add your needs or questions to the text box on the wishlist confirmation form and send it/them to us.

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