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SIP – TeleMatrix 3300TRM Trimline 1-Line Hotel Phone

The Telematrix 3300TRM SIP Trimline phone is a small footprint telephone which may be used wall-mounted by hotel staff in the kitchen or service areas.

Key features of the Telematrix 3300TRM SIP Trimline telephone include:

  • A 10/100Mb switched RJ45 Ethernet port which gives the guest the choice of using a RJ45 cable connection to the Internet for their laptop instead of the hotel Wi-Fi
  • Technology and inter-operability certifications and compatibility with most major hotel telephone systems

Other features of note include:

  • A choice of ash or black colours
  • A small LCD screen display that may be configured to show caller ID
  • PoE ( Power over Ethernet) enabled which means the phone uses the hotel structured cabling network for its source of power and not an electrical socket
  • A good sized customisable phone faceplate which allows you to print your logo and hotel property information
  • Industrial grade construction with matte finish and tested non-slip base
  • ADA/FCC Hearing Aid Compliant

For more information please see the attached product sheet and do not hesitate to add your needs or questions to the text box on the wishlist confirmation form and send it/them to us.


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