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ANALOGUE – Cotell Fuego SlimStation 1-line Phone

A small footprint telephone which is classed as a slim or trim phone. The SlimStation analogue phone is compatible with most major hotel telephone systems and is best placed in a bathroom or on a night stand in the guest bedroom.

Key features of the Cotell Fuego SlimStation phone include:

  • The option to wall-mount the phone in the guest bathroom because of its heat and steam resistance
  • A choice of matte or gloss white or black phone colours as standard with others on request
  • 1 programmable guest service button
  • A small faceplate area which includes a section to print the guest service button label

For more information please see the attached product sheet and do not hesitate to add your needs or questions to the text box on the wishlist confirmation form and send it/them to us.

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