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BT Big Button 4000 Cordless Telephone

The BT4000 big button is the perfect phone for those who are sight, hearing or dexterity impaired staff or hotel guests. The large buttons make dialling easy and accurate. The 1.8” full graphic display ensures clarity when reading the screen.

Some key features of the BT 4000 big button phone include:

  • The buttons have been thoroughly tested to ensure the 1000th press is the same as your first
  • It is hearing aid friendly with a built-in inductive coupler to allows a guest the opportunity to clearly and comfortably hear telephone conversations through their hearing aid(s)
  • 1 line technology only on this device.

Other features of note include:

  • Contact and number storage for easy access means that this telephone suits long-stay or VIP guests where certain aspects of their lifestyle are managed an example a hospital-hotel
  • The long range coverage of up to 300m can allow guests to be both in and outside their room without any interruption during their call
  • Talk time of up to 15 hours and a standby time of up to 160 hours making ongoing housekeeping device management low

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