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BT Big Button 200 Corded Hotel Telephone

The BT Big Button 200 make your hotel staff or guest calls easier, this is a popular choice with hoteliers because of its big, clear buttons and easy-to-use volume controls.

Key features of the BT Big Button 200 analogue 1-line phone include:

  • Simple speaker controls to enable hands-free use as an alternative to the easy to grip handset.
  • Compatibility with most hearing aids and an inductive coupler which works with many hearing aids (when they’re on the ‘T’ setting) to actively reduce background noise.

Other features of note include:

  • Large, well-spaced buttons with good colour contrast
  • Easy to control call and ringtone volume (amplify incoming or outgoing voices)
  • Call someone back quickly with last number redial
  • 3 one-touch speed dial buttons
  • 1 line technology only on this device

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