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ANALOGUE – Bittel Neo Corded Speaker Phone

The Bittel Neo corded analogue speaker phone has a modern contemporary design with a slim, light look because of its angled profile and speakerphone on its base.

Key features of the Bittel Neo corded analogue speaker phone include:

  • A full-length faceplate for useful placement of the hotel’s logo and space for guest dialling instructions
  • An alternative landscape telephone and handset design option is available upon request

Other features of note include:

  • Handset volume with redial and mute call buttons
  • The last number called is erased 5 minutes after the call has been made
  • There is an option to add two USB charge ports and an additional device charging multi-cable for recharging multiple guest electronic devices
  • RoHS and FCC approved
  • 5 or 10 guest service button options making service or amenity speed dialling easy
  • Colour options include black, silver and black and others upon request

For more information please see the attached product sheet and do not hesitate to add your needs or questions to the text box on the wishlist confirmation form and send it/them to us.

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