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ANALOGUE – ATL Berkshire 200 Back-Office or Sales Hotel Telephone

The Berkshire 200 back-office or sales analogue hotel phone is built to last with only a few limited features. It is designed to address the needs of headset users and is compatible with all major brands of headset, hence its positioning more as a hotel sales phone.

Key features of the Berkshire 200 Back-Office hotel telephone include:

  • 1-line analogue phone compatible with most major hotel telephone systems
  • An adjustable-ringer pitch and volume

Other features of note include:

  • Hearing aid compatible and the headset in use can be volume controlled
  • Last number redial and a message waiting alert can be configured for use
  • Available in light grey or dark grey colours only

For more information please see the attached product sheet and do not hesitate to add your needs or questions to the text box on the wishlist confirmation form and send it/them to us. You can also use the wishlist to specify your choice or light grey or dark grey.

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